Consequences of job satisfaction

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Employee Turnover The organizational units with the lowest average satisfaction levels tend to have the highest turnover rates. Toward a unifying theory of behavioral change. In the event that representatives are not content with their occupations, a few regions of their work are influenced and their conduct can additionally influence different workers.

Sen; About the Author Kate McFarlin is a licensed insurance agent with extensive experience in covering topics related to marketing, small business, personal finance and home improvement. According to their study, workplace support and job quality collectively account for 70 percent of the factors influencing job satisfaction.

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Employees who feel that their work is important tend to clock in regular attendance. Previous article in issue. If employees are not happy with their jobs, several areas of their work are affected and their behavior can also affect other employees. Satisfaction with Work Schedule Flexibility developed by Rothausen Detailed observation of the men revealed the existence of informal groups or "cliques" within the formal groups.

In addition to their checking cash, deposit and loan payment tasks, they were trained to handle commercial and traveler's cheques as well as post payments online. Common-causal variables -Variables not part of the research hypothesis cause both the predictor and the outcome variable; e.

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The Journal of Psychology, 5p. Application of Job Satisfaction in the Workplace The application of job satisfaction in the workplace is a difficult concept to grasp due to its individualistic and situational nature. Attracting, retaining and motivating employees: A meta-analytic test of the Muchinsky model.

Again, we have basic human nature at work. Accordinglymanagers must be constantly watchful for any signs of low morale and job dissatisfaction and take corrective action as soon as possible.

Job satisfaction research

Journal of Social Psychology. Note that even this is still a moderate relationship. Intrinsic motivation is also a stronger predictor of job performance than extrinsic motivation — so it is feasible to expect higher financial rewards to inhibit not only intrinsic motivation. Placeholder Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey Fill in each circle completely using a DARK BLUE or BLACK PEN, not a pencil.

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The Effects of Low Job Satisfaction

Job Affect and Job Satisfaction 6 The original tripartite conceptual definition of attitudes comprising cognitive, affective, and behavioral elements has eroded in. The full results of our literature survey into how to predict job satisfaction.

The Consequences of Job Satisfaction One widely researched attitude is job satisfaction which is mentioned in Chapter 3 of your Essentials textbook.

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This area has significant managerial implications because thousands of studies have examined the relationship between job satisfaction and other organizational variables. Culture fit is the glue that holds an organization together.

That’s why it’s a key trait to look for when recruiting. The result of poor culture fit due to turnover can cost an organization.

The Effects of Low Job Satisfaction Consequences of job satisfaction
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